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How much is your sponsorship worth?

Every investment can be measured, analysed, weighed and valued

“Sponsorship is an investment that starts long before the sponsorship contract is signed.

Who we are?

We are an innovative company

We were born out of a desire to professionalise media activities based on in-depth market knowledge and global best practices in exposure measurement, strategic advice and management.

Who works with us?

All key stakeholders in the media environment

Media rights owners (event organisers, sports federations, clubs, individuals), sponsors, advertisers and the media themselves, who share the view that the media business is too serious a matter to be left to subjective decisions.

What we do

Optimisation and design of media products

We combine skills from different media fields, create new media products with high added value and optimise existing products, regardless of our clients’ position in the media environment.

Measurements. Reports.

Measurements and valuation

Sponsor exposure measurements. Valuation of sponsorship exposure.
ROI and ROO reports.

Exposure measurements

In addition to traditional analyses of programme viewership and advertising effectiveness, we offer visual-AI based measurement of the exposure of sponsor logos in television programmes.


An integral part of these analyses is the financial valuation of sponsorship exposure results, which is crucial for planning and managing sponsorships for both sponsorship rights holders and sponsors.


Based on the data obtained, we produce interactive reports on viewership and exposure, as well as ROI and ROO analyses, which include the valorisation of the entire set of rights.

What is the brand exposure?

Measuring media exposure

Every appearance of a brand logo can be evaluated. We use visual-AI platform to analyse the exposure of brand logos and related logos in TV programmes.

  1. We capture video material of broadcasts and news programmes.

  1. Uploading the captured footage to the digital platform.

  1. Selection of preferred brands for automated exposure analysis.

  1. Manual screening of different branding media

The exposure of logos is analysed on different surfaces provided for this purpose (LED or static billboards by the pitch, 3D advertising surfaces, interview backdrops, clothing, product placement objects, TV graphics, etc.).

The data generated includes the size of the impressions, their position on the screen, the duration of the exposure, the number of simultaneous hits and much more.

What is the exposure value?

Valuation of individual projects

In addition to the viewership of the programme and the exposure time, we also take into account the size and position of the logo on the screen and many other parameters to weigh the value.

What does it all mean?


We produce interactive BI reports based on the data we collect

  • TV programme viewership and news reporting
  • Time and value of TV brand exposure

Through ROI and ROO analysis for sponsors and sponsorship rights owners, we aggregate the valorisation of the full set of rights acquired by the sponsor in the sponsorship agreement.

Strategy. Optimisation.

Strategic consulting

Strategic planning of media projects. New product design. Optimisation of media and commercial impact.

For rights owners

We start from the firm belief that every sponsorship product is unique. Before we start designing it, we carry out an in-depth inventory analysis and realistically evaluate it in all its parts.

For sponsors

Without a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the company’s communication objectives on the one hand, and the sponsorship and media market on the other, it is not possible to achieve optimal communication effects.

For advertisers

Our extensive experience in various areas of media communication allows us to optimise the impact and cost of advertising through integration with other communication tools.

From start to finish!

Strategic advice for sponsorship rights owners

Our approach is based on integrated solutions for the optimal distribution of media rights and the consequent optimisation of the value of sponsorship rights, which are closely interlinked.

  1. Integrated support for sponsorship rights holders (associations, clubs, event organisers, individuals)

  1. independent and impartial analysis of the value of sponsorship rights and the development of competitive sponsorship offers

  1. support in the activation of rights and reporting on their realisation for sponsors

  1. designing quality and competitive sponsorship products, their media, marketing and production formatting

Where and how much?

Strategic advice for sponsors

Each sponsorship may contain several objectives, which must be concrete, mutually consistent and measurable. For each objective, the target audience, the success criteria and the timeframe for achieving the objectives should be defined. Our methodology for the strategic management of sponsorship projects allows to achieve optimal communication effects of sponsorships and to rationalise the costs of purchasing sponsorship rights and their activation.

  • Strategic planning of sponsorship activities,
  • support in the selection of the right sponsorship (sponsorship-fit analysis)
  • evaluation of sponsorship offers
  • preparation of the optimal sponsorship plan and budget
  • sponsorship and sponsorship portfolio management
  • monitoring the impact and measuring the communication effectiveness of sponsorships

Best results!

Strategic consulting for advertisers

Our extensive experience in various areas of media communication (sponsorships, advertising in major events, commercial formatting of sponsorship products, activation of sponsorship rights) allows us to optimise the impact and cost of advertising through integration with other communication tools.

  1. optimising advertising investments based on detailed research of the media market and media products

  1. campaign planning, optimal media mix and media planning for each selected platform.

  1. strategic planning of marketing communications with all the intermediate stages of the advertising process

  1. an integrated approach to marketing communication in order to achieve optimal communication objectivesskih ciljev
Planning. Analysing.

Management and research

Sponsorship project management. Advertising project management. Media market analyses. Sponsorship inventory validation.


Without quality project planning and management, even the best media products do not achieve optimal media and commercial impact. Experience in managing the largest projects in the various aspects of their media appearance (sponsorship, advertising, production, etc.) ensures that all stakeholders in the media industry can reliably manage their projects with the aim of achieving the highest quality at the optimum investment.

Market research

Obtaining operational information on the reference market is crucial for sponsors and sponsorship rights holders, as well as for advertisers and media wishing to optimise their offer and consolidate their market position vis-à-vis competing providers. Our ‘in-depth’ research provides information to make better decisions on existing and future projects.h

“Sponsorship is a platform that is relatively passive and therefore needs activation”


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